Nothing More, Nothing Less: A Visual Update

I’m a young man. It’s pretty cool. I have the chance to screw up a lot of things before I run out of chances to screw up a lot of things. So, why not take a leap?

This post is about a visual update, but it is also a personal update. You see, the site is going through a trim down. The previous design, while short-lived, was yet another stage in personal development. It was a clean, feature-filled distillation of a long-running dream to create this very blog. But the new, minimal design is a trimming down of the extraneous to what really matters: substance.

In addition, the new design is an attempt to follow the development of the Internet in tandem. People are reading on phones, tablets, laptops and the like and design features like good typography, large images, and scalable interfaces are more important than ever. This design, in my humble opinion, hits all those bases with aplomb.

So I hope you enjoy the trip. What you’re witnessing is one man’s journey, but I hope that through the mirror of your reading and reflection, you take a bit of a journey yourselves.


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