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Strengthen Your Core

If you’re reading this today, I have a simple question for you: who are you?

It’s something we think we know. We attach a name and a job and an address to our identity but our principles, loves, passions, cares, and dreams can go completely ignored. These accessories to our lives, the “identifications” of our clothes, location, and career are little more than fruit of a tree and identifying our core values, nurturing that tree, leads to healthier, more bountiful fruit. Fruit of confidence, fulfillment, personal accomplishment, and long-term, sustaining happiness.

So, at least for today, consider your metaphorical tree. What ideals and character traits are important to you and which ones comprise you? What truly makes you, you?


4 thoughts on “Strengthen Your Core

  1. For years I’ve considered myself to be a weeping willow. Hmmm, for the first time, I realized that that probably sounds like I cry a lot. Well, yes, when the situation warrants – cleans things out. But I digress. What I meant to type is that willows are strong yet flexible, always changing, and lovely. I identify with this on my good days. They need lots of moving water, they are fast-growing, and they can be pretty messy.

    Of course, what makes me, me, is that invisible, undefinable light – just like everyone else, even though our lights are different.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

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