The End of the Road

Hello friends.

When I began Casual Friday in Serioustown, I had a goal. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of even a small number of people. Website metrics and pingbacks are a hard way to measure that, but I posted as frequently as I could at the time, always with the hope that someone, somewhere, would see my post and that it would make a positive difference in their life.

The posting began to falter. Of this I will admit. But it was not without reason. Over the ensuing two to three months, the love of my life would battle a lengthy and painful recovery from surgery. I would still think of the blog, think of sharing my experiences and hopefully touching someone’s life. But, as many of you who have been through such an ordeal will know, energy and optimism are scarce when your life is tumultuous.

Then we got the news.

My significant other’s health in already shaky standing, a recommended thyroid operation came back from the lab as cancerous. The prognosis was as good as one can hope, but things were thrown into complete disarray. Life was turned upside down and the very pillars I preached here at CFiST were questioned.

Her recovery from this surgery would be short, thankfully, and the cancer is now defeated. For this I am eternally grateful. But the process was not without trial. The question I had to ask myself was simply: could I keep everything going? With such little energy I have dedicated to her recovery and the routine maintenance of the domicile, something had to give.

It is with this context and a heavy heart that I tell you that Casual Friday in Serioustown will officially close down today.

The interaction I have had with the few of you I have been fortunate enough to encounter has been inspiring. I hope that I met my goal on some level to help shape your lives in a positive way, just as you have mine.

But every cloud has a silver lining, to borrow colloquial wisdom. In the process of vetting my life for my priorities and predilections, I have discovered some core passions that I will continue to pursue. If my love’s cancer scare taught me anything, it is that life is too short to sit and watch your dreams float by.

The content will remain on the site as an archive but no further posting or interaction will occur. Whatever your circumstances may be from this point forward, I hope you confront them with optimism, tenacity, and confidence. After all, you’re the individuals who gave my words meaning.

Now be what you want to be, all of it, starting now.


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